Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
I just received my magnetic knife/scissor holder and was greatly impressed! As this is going to be a gift, your exquisite work is going to reflect MY great taste in gift-giving!
Diana F.
Best on the market! Set up was easy! Matches wood perfectly! Love it! Magnets hold knife straight as an arrow all the way to each end. An amazing product!!!!
I just wrote a review for the knife holder for Amazon. I never do more than a cursory review of products, but this one just amazes me so I felt compelled to share my admiration for the product. I don't know how you make it, but it is both beautiful and functional. I'm interested to see what other items you manufacture that I might make part of my home.
I've been talking to everyone about you guys.

Good luck.
William C.
William C.
Hey just wanted to say thank you!
The magnetic wood board it's amazing. I really love the craftsmanship and it's such a beautiful piece!
Javier M.
These boards are not only beautiful but great for so many different things! I may have to get one for every room in the house and my barn!!! Thanks so much!!!
love my new magnatic holder and after seeing the quality of the wood, and the ease with installing following a simple template, plan on ordering yet another. The magnets are super strong and while it's a great knife holder that is actually attractive, I want to order another for keys by the door. I think this could be used for so many different things around the house. I love it.
My moc board arrived today, it's super nice looking, thanks!
I have a set of japanese chisels that I had on my drawer getting nicked and getting me a few good finger cuts. I saw your product the other day on facebook and ordered the Zebrawood board. It arived 2 days later. It looks great and in works even better. My friends keep on asking how does it work, and I tell them is a rare magnetic wood. Anyway, needless to say my chisels now are on display, easy to access and in a safe place.
I got my board today. It is great to organize my personal care items. It looks amazing!
Putting it up was really easy. Now I want a few more for the rest of my house.
It’s such a cool product! I have put one in the kitchen and another one in my office.
I will tell my friends and family about your boards.

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