Order your Custom Made Premium Wood Magnetic Knife Holder or Knife Strip by M.O.C. Woodworks

Wenge and zebra wood magnetic knife holder or magnetic knife strip by M.O.C. Woodworks
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Price: $73.25
Manufacturer: M.O.C. Woodworks
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Custom Orders (Size/Wood)



Custom orders take up to 10 business days to make.

Custom Premium Wood M.O.C Boards. With our custom wood magnetic knife holder, or magnetic knife strips you have the choice of size and the wood of your magnetic knife strip. The wood choices on the custom premium magnetic knife strips are Wenge, Lacewood, Zebra Wood or Bubinga. The custom knife holders are an elegant and magical "drawer-less" solution to the storage of small items in a small space. The custom magnetic knife holder or custom knife strip are made out of furniture grade clear finished hardwoods, M.O.C Boards are designed, hand-crafted, and finished with the top quality care of master woodworkers. The hand rubbed finish used on the custom magnetic knife holder is non-toxic and food-safe.

The custom M.O.C Board or custom magnetic knife holder has a continues magnetic field that will hold any ferromagnetic object, in other words, objects containing metal that attracts to magnets will stick to the magnetic knife strip. The holding power of the M.O.C Board or magnetic knife holder depends upon the size, weight, and shape of the object attracted to the magnetic strip. The M.O.C Board or magnetic knife holder is an ideal storage solution for the kitchen, office, bathroom, garage, or entry.

For a clean and elegant look, the custom magnetic knife holder or strip has been designed so that no screws or logos are visible once installed, only the beautiful wood of the magnetic strip.

Examples of objects that can be stored on a custom M.O.C Board or custom magnetic strip (provided they are ferromagnetic) include knives and poultry sheers in the kitchen, office supplies such as hole punches and scissors, bathroom items such as tweezers, nail clippers, and eyelash curlers. Small metal containers holding spices in the kitchen, or paperclips, rubber bands, and thumbtacks in the office can be stored on the custom M.O.C. Board or custom magnetic strip. Keys can be kept on an M.O.C Board or magnetic strip, as well, provided there is something on the keychain that is ferromagnetic.

The custom M.O.C. Board or custom magnetic knife holder includes mounting screws for drywall and wood, as well as a template and depth gauge for installation (Items shown on M.O.C. Boards are not included with purchase). As the M.O.C. Boards or magnetic strips use rare earth magnets please, refer to our safety section for safe handling.

You can always just add a washer and the custom M.O.C Board or custom magnetic knife holder serves as a bulletin board where you can put pictures, coupons, mail, etc...

Made in the USA

The M.O.C. Board is 12 inches long (or the length of your choice), 2 inches wide and 0.8 inches deep.

As is the case with any natural wood product, the color, and grain of your M.O.C. Board will be unique, as such, it will have slight variations both in color and grain from the pictures on this page.

If you need a different wood, size or any other requirement not listed please contact us.

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