1.- Can you make the M.O.C. Boards in custom sizes and woods?
Yes, we can, custom magnetic knife strips, or if you do not find what you are looking for just email us at and we will be happy to assist you! Please include the size, wood, and shipping zip code so that we can give you a quote. Custom orders take between 10 and 15 business days to ship.  In some cases when the wood is hard to get we will give you the estimated turn around time for your order at the time, we quote you. 

2.- Do I need to place the knives in a specific place on the M.O.C. Board?
No, as opposed to other magnetic knife holders on the market the M.O.C. Board is designed in a way that it has a continuous magnetic field. 

3.- Why is a wood magnetic knife holder better than a metal one?
Recently I went to a well known Kitchen store (Initials W.S.) to buy a knife, they had their knives displayed on metal magnetic holders, all of the knife edges were nicked and scratched just from the action of taking the knife on and off the metal knife holder, no cutting what so ever. I am not talking about small nicks either this where deep and wide gouges. This will not happen with an M.O.C. Board, wood is gentle on your knife blades. And if that was not enough, wood is just beautiful (I may be a little bias here)!

4.- Do you ship internationally?

We do.
International Buyers - Please Note:
Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

5.- How long will the Neodymium magnets that are inside the M.O.C. Boards last?
400 years...if not subjected to sharp impacts or higher than rated temperatures (160°F).

6.- How much does the M.O.C. Board holds?
It will hold any regular knife in your kitchen that is attracted to a magnet, including cleavers (As shown on our photos). It will also hold small block planes (As shown on our photos). The magnets are very strong, what the M.O.C. Board will hold depends on the surface area of the item in question-related to the weight.

7.- How do you hang the M.O.C. Boards?
it is very simple, the M.O.C. Boards come with mounting hardware for wood and drywall, just place the provided template on the desired location and install the screws, make sure that the M.O.C. Board sits tightly on the screws making sure that the M.O.C. Board does not move. For a complete installation description please refer to the manual

8.- Can I hang the M.O.C. Board on the side of the refrigerator?
Some clients suggested using the Extreme Mounting Tape to hang the M.O.C. Board, it seams to work. If you decide to do this, for safty reasons please make sure to hang the M.O.C. Board in a place where people will not knock into it and in the process knock knives and other sharp objects off of the board. We do not endore the use of any other mounting method other than the one described in the manual

9.- Who takes the product photos of your magnetic knife racks?
Please refer to our photography page.

10.- Do you have a wholesale program?
Please refer to our wholesale page.

11.- Where do you make your M.O.C. Boards?
Our M.O.C. Boards are proudly made in the USA in our San Rafael, CA woodworking shop.

12.- I have moved and need new mounting screws, can you tell me what screws and drywall anchors you use?
We use Twist-N-Lock 75 lb. Medium Duty Drywall Anchors, and #8 screws (1 5/8" for drywall) with a flat head.

13.- How far are the mounting holes from the edges?
The mounting holes are 10" on center apart from each other , aproximately 1" from the edges.